Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Wow. When I left Spain, I had no idea that it would take this long to write my next blog. I actually planned on doing it one of my first days home! But here I am, 3 ½ weeks later, finally getting around to it! I think I was afraid, because this blog would verify the fact that the most amazing chapter of my life so far is over :( depressing.

My last days in Madrid were VERY busy! I did last minute shopping, soaked in all the sights one last time, and had a lot of studying to do for my finals. But, that last Sunday my roommate Danielle and I squeezed in a Bull Fight. I mean, how could you spent over 4 months in Spain and not see one?! It is so important in the Spanish culture. I was surprised with the fight because it wasn’t as gruesome as I expected it to be. It was hard to watch at times, but it’s amazing how artistic it is and the precision and skill needed to be a successful “Torero” (bullfighter). We only paid about 4 Euro for our seats and we were in the VERY top row. We stayed to watch 3 bulls get killed, then went home because we still had so much studying to do for our finals the next day.

On Tuesday, my last full day, it really hit me how sad I was about to be leaving. Leading up to then, I would say that my excitement about coming home slightly outweighed my sadness, but on Tuesday it all changed. Throughout all of my routine activities I was so sad that it would be my last time doing it all. I didn’t want to leave and if I would have been given the choice, I would have signed on for a few more months right then and there!

After my hardest final, Spanish Literature, Chloe, Danielle and I went to “The Golden Cock”, a Tapas bar right by our school. It was so sad knowing that those were some of my last moments with them. But, we had a very busy last day together! From there we did some shopping in Sol, finished up our packing, then went out for dinner. Our plans were to go to a Flamenco show after we ate, but it turns out the place Danielle had found online was just an abandoned building. Haha. While walking around we found a random Renaissancey looking market, then headed to “Dubliners” to meet up with friends and say goodbye :( On our way back to our apartment, we saw a photo-booth! Obviously we stopped, piled in, and got 4 copies… one for each of us and Angela (or Ange, as we referred to her as), our SeƱora.

Our Fruiteria!! Where we got all of our Fruits and Veggies... same 2 workers every day.
The Chino down the street where I always bought.... Chino-Delight! yum.

Danielle packing up.. depressing :(

"Ham Museum". ew.

When I woke up Wednesday morning, I had crazy butterflies. I have no idea why, but I get nervous for everything… especially big changes or events… like coming home, in this case. Danielle, Chloe and I said goodbye to Ange, then got in our Taxi and headed for the airport. Danielle and I were both leaving that day, but Chloe was going to pick up one of her friends (they were staying for a couple weeks more).

We sat around for a while, and then the dreaded moment came: It was time for me to go through security and catch my flight. Even though 30mins earlier we had all said that we weren’t going to cry, as soon as the reality of what was about to happen hit, we all stood there hugging with the tears flowing! After spending soooo much time together and experiencing such amazing things with each other, it’s weird to realize that we may not see each other again for a long, long time. I really lucked out when it came to roommates… I know that who you room with and how well you get along can make or break your experience. Not only were the trips we took and Madrid times we had amazing, but I will also always remember the good times the three of us had just chillin’ at our apartment. My semester was such a wonderful experience and I’m so happy I got to share it with them :) I miss my roomies!

I was very surprised to discover that it was harder to get used to being home than it was to living there. The experience was so unique… and I would do it again in an instant. It was the time of my life, and I feel so fortunate that I was able to do it! I can't wait to get back there some day :)