Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having A Spanish Adventure...

Wow. I have been in Spain for over TWO MONTHS now. It’s strange, because the day I got here seems sooo long ago, but the time has gone by really quickly. It’s crazy to think that 7 weeks from this moment, I will be flying somewhere over the Atlantic on my journey back to Iowa. I wonder what I will be feeling in that moment?

I have noticed quite a few changes I’ve gone through since being here (subtle things- some in my actions and others in the way I think) and have learned things about myself that I hadn’t known before. If things keep going as they are, I truly believe that 50 years from now I will still look back on this short period of my life as being one of the most important and influential. The impact it has had has made me wish I had studied abroad sooner- but then I think… maybe if I would have done it any other time, even just last semester, it wouldn’t have turned out the same.

In various ways, this has been an adventure for me… I can’t wait to see what the next 7 weeks of this amazing experience have in store for me. Some adventures that I DO know about are upcoming trips…

On April 9th I’m leaving for Amsterdam. From what I hear from people who have been there before, it should be a fantastic weekend. But in my more immediate future: TOMORROW my family is coming! Yay! My Spring Break officially starts on Friday and it’s the perfect opportunity to hang with the fam, and also do some more traveling.

My Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt Cheryl and Cousin Tim are all coming. It’s going to be great to see everyone. Even though I haven’t been homesick, I’m really excited for them to be here (hopefully when they leave me it won’t trigger it!). We’ll spend a few days in Madrid, but then are going to Italy and Switzerland. I’ve never been to Switzerland before and am pumped to go, and I can’t wait to get back to Italy. I was there 5 years ago and absolutely adored it… We’ll be in Rome (my first time) and Venice. Venice ranked #1 on my “Place I’ve Been” list for quite some time, and I look forward to seeing if after this trip it will reclaim the top spot! There is soooo much art in Rome that I have learned about in my Art History class and it will be nice to see it in person. BUT, my main interest in Italy: Gelato ; )


  1. Yum, gelato! Amsterdam should be interesting. Some friends of mine were there recently and had a very good time in some of the coffee shops ;)Have fun with your family! I bet you will have a blast showing them around!

  2. Have fun w/ everyone! And I hope the next 7 weeks don't go by TO fast... Enjoy the rest of your time, and... I doubt you'll get home sick after they leave:)