Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Closing Time...

Oh boy. Here I am... about to flick off the lights and go to sleep in my squeaky Spain bed one last time. What a great semester this has been... and a wonderful way to end college! Finals are over, goodbyes have been said, and my bags are packed. As long as this pesky volcano doesn't get in my way I will be arriving in Chicago around 3:30 pm tomorrow afternoon. I am scheduled to leave Madrid at around noon (5am Central)... Fingers crossed it happens! As sad as I am to be leaving this city and ending this experience, it is going to be pretty frustrations if I run into travel problems!

Anyway, I will write more about some of my recent activities (BULLFIGHT!!) later... I have been so busy studying for finals and preparing for my departure that I haven't been able to update!

Well, see you VERY soon! Hope my blogs haven't been TOO boring for you to get through :)


  1. We can't believe that we will be picking you up from the airport in less than 16 hours. We're so excited to have you return home, but also sad that your journey is coming to an end. We're happy that you were able to study abroad since that is something you have been wanting to do for many years....and also because it gave us an opportunity to see Europe! Hope the volcano doesn't interfere with your travel and that your luggage doesn't give you problems (if it seems to be heavy just remember that we even brought some of your things home with us)! We also hope that this was just the beginning of a life-long friendship with Chloe, Danielle, and others that shared this experience with you. See you soon! Love you, Mom & Dad

  2. can't wait to see you......:):):)

  3. hope you are back in the US with Subway in hand!!