Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am not creative enough to think of blog titles.

After looking at the previous posts I've made, I realized that I haven't exactly described my living situation for those of you who may not know. I technically have a "SeƱora" (host family), but we don't really live with her. She and her husband live in the apartment right next to ours. They live completely separately from us... so that's why we're responsible for our own cooking and laundry...

...even though cooking and washing dishes is a whole new concept to me, I feel right at home doing my own laundry! It may seem uncharacteristic for me (lol), but by choice I have been washing my own clothes for at least 8 years now. (If Bob Rusk were responsible for the laundry in your home, you'd do your own too! haha) What I WASN'T ready for, was a washing machine that can fit about 3 things and NO dryer. I can deal with small loads of laundry. But hanging clothes outside to dry is just sketchy to me. At home, I opt to hang the clothes I don't put in the dryer INSIDE the house. Unlike many people, I hate the "fresh" smell of the outdoors, and CAN'T STAND the stiffness of them.

Our apartment building has a "courtyard" type thing in the middle of it, and clothes lines that run through it. Since our apartments are "U" shaped, they run from one window to the other. I caved in and did some laundry for the first time a few days ago... and was so nervous hanging my clothes on the line. #1) The only time I've ever used a clothes line in my life, was using the poles as Monkey Bars in my Grandma & Grandpa's backyard... and #2) WE LIVE ON THE FOURTH FLOOR! If something falls, I'd have to go down and knock on the door of the people who live on the ground floor, and ask them to crawl out their window to go grab it for me. (I looked, and there are no doors to the courtyard... just windows) Thankfully everything went well, and nothing was lost (this time).

Nothing too exciting has happened lately (hello, I just wrote multiple paragraphs about laundry). School and school work has been taking up a lot of my time, and I'm trying to get as much sleep as the Spanish lifestyle will allow. On Saturday, we did go to El Escorial. It's a historic royal site just outside of Madrid. It's a monastery, palace, cathedral, library, museum, school and more. It's HUGE. The creepiest part for me was that we got to go down into the basement with tombs of members of the royal family. It was actually really cool, but the rooms seemed to be never ending and I definitely had the heebie jeebies the whole time!

The town it's in (San Lorenzo de El Escorial) is very picturesque. It has mountains peeking into the sky and is full of narrow, steep streets lined with shops and cafes.

This weekend 2 of my roommates, 2 other girls from school and I are going to Sevilla! I have heard wonderful things about the city, so I am very excited. We're actually leaving tomorrow (Thursday) after class and will return to Madrid late Saturday night. We're taking a bus there and will be sleeping in a Hostel. I've only had one hostel experience in my life, and it was creepy... so hopefully this weekend goes well! :)

Hope everything is going great for all of you... and I'm sorry that my blog is so boring, haha! I will post pictures from Sevilla after I return.

Sangria and Tapas

Madrid at night


  1. Enjoyed the post! In Bob's defense, it has been YEARS since all of our white clothes have been pink!!!! He's made great progress with his laundry skills! Enjoy Sevilla...can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. I didn't hear you complaining when I would shrink Alysia's clothes and then she would give them to you. I even remember a time that you told me that you could use a new pair of jeans and asked me to wash a pair of Alysia's!!! Love you, Dad

  3. Oooo. I hate that stiffness in laundry too. Mike, a laundry expert, bought some liquid fabric softener to add to the wash last summer so he could hang the stuff on the line. If they have that in Spain you should pick some up! It's almost your weekend! Hope it's a fun one!

  4. The laundry story was pretty funny!! I can't imagine leaning out of a window 4 stories high to hang laundry out. I think if something falls off the line you should send a request to your parents for more money to go shopping!! haha
    Have fun in Sevilla, and good luck staying in the hostel.

  5. How is this for a title, "I thought this only happened in movies..old movies". Not up to par for Angie, but all I have. I love it, I too only hang clothes on a rack in my house to dry. I had a bad experience with a critter making a shirt a home over night when I forgot to bring it in! Tons of little claw marks...never told the girls just threw the shirt away! You never know, you may want to meet the person on the main floor. Make it an adventure.

    Have a fun weekend(I know this goes without saying) Miss you,


  6. kels, when you were in the tombs, did anyone want to come out and play???????