Friday, January 15, 2010

Orientation, classes and adventures...

The Roommates

Orientation is over. Classes have started. And my first full weekend in Spain is here! Lots has happened since my last post. Orientation started on Monday and went okaaaaay. Since there were basically all SLU students in my orientation group (just like the group flight), it reinforced how much I miss my friends and wish I had them here with me. Our first day of orientation was full of the basic stuff... tours around campus... sessions with breakers. That night 2 of my roommates and I went out to a Tapas bar called "El Tigre" and even though the place looks empty in the picture below, there were actually a lot of other SLU Madrid people there.

The next day was the second and final day of orientation. We had a ridiculous bus tour of Madrid. And they dropped us off at some random place in the city and told us we were done... thankfully one of my roommates is a directional whiz, because I would have been COMPLETELY lost on my own (I still haven't even figured out the streets around our apartment yet haha).

On Wednesday, classes started! I only had one that day (On Mondays & Wednesday)and it started at 2:30. I figured I didn't need to set my alarm for that morning- that I would naturally wake up before noon at least. Well, I was wrong! At 1:30 my roommate came in to wake me up! Apparently I wasn't as used to the time difference as I thought I was. That night we went out to "Cafe Orange"... and didn't get home until 3:30am. The sad thing is, that is waaaay early by Spanish standards. I don't think I'll ever get used to that.

Thursday (yesterday) I had my other 3 classes (which I have on Tuesdays & Thursdays). They started at 11, I definitely took advantage of Siesta time! During some exploration that evening, we found a place that sells AMAZING Tortilla EspaƱola for only 2 Euro. Later we went to a club called Joy...It is in a building that used to be a theater. So we were up in one of the balconies dancing the night away... and the curtain on the stage randomly went up. And this is what we saw...

A Lady Gaga impersonator and a handful of white chicks with afros! It definitely made the night :)

This morning Danielle, Chloe (my roommates) and I got up to go see some sights. We went to the palace, and explored the area around it. We went and got some of Spain's famous "Churros con chocolate", went to a Cathedral and did some shopping.

Now it is 9:51pm and I'm soooo tired! Tomorrow we're hitting up some museums and then Sunday I'm going to a trip through school to visit Toledo! I feel like such a loser for admitting this, but I am actually really excited for next week to be a full week of school. I need some kind of routine! It still hasn't hit me that I'm going to be here for so long- maybe once I get settled into classes it will. I have some short, random spurts of homesickness. The other night all of my dreams took place at Grandma & Grandpa's house, and only family members were in them... so that's definitely a sign that I miss my people!


  1. Your people miss you too, but we also know you will have the time of your life! So, enjoy! Sounds like you are making a good effort at enjoying yourselves. You should be updating your blog more often...can't tell you how many times we check it. Bangs are are wearing them well:)

  2. the churro pic is definitely not good of the bangs haha!

  3. Your best friends miss you just as much as you miss us. Kels your pictures are so cute and I asume in that top picture the LJ is the girl right next to you on your left. haha It looks like your roomates are really nice and that you are having a great time. I wish so badly I was there with you! I want to go shopping! haha I know exactly what you mean by having a routine and wanting to be back in school. I felt the same way last week and now I'm so busy the weeks just fly by. I'm sure once you get into school you will be so busy with school, site seeing, and going out to lady gaga bars the next few months will fly by and you will want to go back :) I hope these months fly by too because I can't wait to have you home, but I know you will be having the experience of a life time and I'm sure you have already made memories you will never ever forget and are so gald you have. Miss you and can't wait to hear more about your trip. Don't forget to write... I'm your favorite pen pal and don't you forget it! love you Frida!

  4. Enjoyed the post....can't wait to hear about Toledo! Don't miss us too much....before you know it you will be back home and wishing you were in Spain! Was the top picture (the one with you and your 3 roommates) taken in your apartment? I am taping the Critics' Choice Movie Awards for you at this very moment. Just could be here watching it OR just getting in from some Spanish club (I'm assuming that is what you are doing since it is 4 a.m. your time!!!!!).....what a difficult decision that would be!!!! Enjoy every moment, May will be here sooner than you will want it to be. Love you!

  5. Kels I love the Lady Gaga impersonator! That is soooo cool:) Looks like you are seeing so much cool stuff! I could never survive the spanish night life-3:30?! I was home by 1:30 last night and that was VERY late for me! You should put up some pics of your apartment! Have a good week at school! Miss you!